How It Works

  • We have streamlined ways to make your calling simple, reliable and hazel free based on your calling habits.

    Setting up Your Pinless Service is easy. Simply Sign up or Login to your account, use the dashboard table to manage your account. You can Recharge, change your password, set up billing information and much more!

    To Set up Speed Dial, click speed dial and enter the required information. The system assigns serial number to every dialed number added. You no longer need to rekey numbers each time you make a call. Simply dial the access code and enter the associated speed dial serial number, your call will be connected instantly.

    To add phone numbers to your account, select Phone numbers, add phone numbers, here you can add all phone numbers you would like to share your account. Be sure to use same four digit access code of your choice for each number added.

    Your service knows neither boarders nor limited to certain geographical location. There is no need to carry multiple phones or sim cards from one country to another. You can use your phone and service anywhere around the world for domestic and international calling without changing sim cards back and forth.

    Our service unites you and your world! Simply manage your account online or on your phone to fit your traveling habits. The Expedient Telecom app is user friendly, and very convenient. After setting up your account, use the mobile app tool on your dashboard to activate your mobile app.

    Click mobile app, activate mobile app to obtain your app SIP password. You will need your SIP password to complete your Expedient Telecom app installation.

    To download Expedient Telecom app for Android; click on Play Store on your phone app, search for Expedient Telecom, follow all required prompts to download and install the app.

    For iPhone; go to App Store on your phone, search Expedient Telecom, download and install the app.

    Use your phone number as user id and your SIP password to finish the app installation.

    Of Course; do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance or have questions.

    We are here to assist you all the way!